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Barbara Gustavson Leadership and Brain Health Trainer and Coach

Barbara Gustavson, Founder of The Next Step Project, guides leaders, decision-makers and influencers to step boldly and make a deep level of impact in their organization and community. As a Certified Executive Trainer and Amen Clinic Brain Health Coach, she helps teams find new ways to think, see, respond, connect and lead more effectively. She is author of Permission To Be BOLD and co-author of Breaking Average: The 7 Critical Factors to Team Strong Leadership.

Melanie Yost Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Personal Development Coach

Melanie Yost is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Personal Development Coach and Bull Shit Slayer for stressed out business owners and high achievers. She is also a Certified Brain Health Coach and a HeartMath Certified Practitioner who has 30 years of experience helping people to recognize the thoughts, feelings and belief patterns that keep them stuck and stressed out; and she empowers them with the tools they need to reconnect with themselves, recognize possibilities, and take advantage of opportunities so they can create life on their own terms.


4-Week Course (Part 1)

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